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Most appealing business ideas

Kenya is a rapidly growing economy and a powerhouse in the region. Despite high taxation, many still consider it a thriving spot even for small businesses to deliver. Lots of business ideas based on some case studies have been seen as life changing even for the uneducated and not so financially able. Here are the top ten popular business ventures according to SME Invest Kenya

1. Food Joints

Because of demand for food, this is considered one of the best ways to earn a buck. Although very competitive, pricing and innovation can set one apart. Customers actively seek quality food and good service delivery.

Hilton and Sheraton Group of Hotels, some of the biggest hotels in Kenya, began as small joints before venturing big as numbers dictated over time. Food joints vary from fruit parlours, fast food spots and organic restaurants depending on market demand.

2. Mitumba

The second-hand clothes and shoes industry has employed thousands of locals. Since a large section of the population cannot afford brand new apparel, mitumba have become the best alternative.

The second-hand clothes industry is said to be a multi-million-shilling space. In age of fashion consciousness, most folk are also keen on affordability and this is why big markets like Muthurwa and Gikomba are making a killing from the trade. With as little as Sh500, anyone can start the business.

3. Poultry farming

Agriculture has been for the longest time considered boring and tiring especially by the youth. However the latest trends see areas like poultry quickly gaining traction.

This business has so much potential which explains why so many people, especially upcountry have waded into it with gusto. Most farmers make Sh2 per egg which means a tray attracts Sh60. Poultry is space-conscious to operate and is not as energy intensive.

4. Salon/barbers shop

Image consciousness is a big deal these days and people are more wary of how they look. Ladies particularly spend a fortune to look good. This business is based purely on skill and those in it can attest to the numbers it rakes in.

The business thrives in city centres as well as in the estates. Due to innovation and technology barber shops have gone the extra mile to capture customers who want to have pristine treatment. There are outlets that charge as high as Sh1,000 for men with ladies coughing out as much as Sh5,000 for beauty treatment.

5. Events planning and facilitation

Kenya has a young populace who mostly reside in the urban centres. Due to their appetite for entertainment, events are endless. From parties to weddings, this sector is simply bubbling. It is an industry which still has potential with experts suggesting that with a growing middle class, it can attract good returns.

The trick is to remain and retain brand legitimacy. The opportunities are so vast and one can earn a coin from niche segment such as tent-making, baking, deejaying, catering, spot decorations and emceeing.

6. Garbage collection

Considered a dirty and unhygienic venture, this is a money spinner of huge proportions. It ideally targets densely populated areas and it is not so hard to pull off. All one needs is collection material and some few employees. Many companies are now cropping, signing memoranda of understanding with neighbourhoods and to large-scale town councils.

The business does not need any training and only health certificates are required. Young folk on holidays are now seen in neighbourhoods collecting garbage and making extra coins for school.

7. Car wash and carpet cleaning services

This sector has over the years witnessed a revolution of kinds. Youth have set up car wash points across streets and estates to clean vehicles for a buck. With developing technology, even top of the range vehicles are trusting car wash centres to pomp their rides and put them in shape.

Due to improved customer care, clients leave tidy tips with workers employing new ways of sprucing up cars. Coupled with carpet cleaning, the car wash business is a safe bet for any entrepreneur.

8. Cosmetics and beauty boutiques

The local fashion industry is estimated to be worth Sh10 billion and this facility is one of those that drive that sub-sector. Cosmetics are big business and currently there is a flurry of shops in towns and estates selling a variety of products. These beauty shops in turn employ hundreds of youth across the country.

These beauty spots have a myriad of products on offer such as body sprays, shoes, make-up, oils, handbags and artificial hair. Online boutiques are also making inroads into this sector whose future looks bright.

9. Security services

To start a security operations firm, very little in terms of money is needed. The big firms began with two to three security officers to handle small assignments like taking care of homesteads.

It is a demand-driven sector and with many need areas, it is one that can certainly bring big returns. Some of the areas that call for security services include parties, buildings and investments. Security being a key component in our lives makes the sector lucrative enough and worthy of pursuing as a business.

10. Jua kali services

Jua Kali artisans have good client base because of the quality of their service. Most of the artisans are only trained to tertiary level but some of their wares have earned international recognition. In informal settlements, people like tailors, carpenters and artisans are highly respected and make good money. This sector has in the recent past attracted interest from the financial sector that is keen to partner with the groups for business expansion.

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