Migingo is in Kenya, declares official

Dickens Wasonga @PeopleDailyKe

Nyanza regional commissioner Moffat Kangi,  in an interview with People Daily, said Migingo island was in the Kenyan side of Lake Victoria.

He dismissed as false media reports that a Kenyan flag allegedly  hoisted on the island had been lowered by the Ugandan forces  based there.

“There was no flag in the first place. How do you lower what was not even there?” he posed.  Kangi said the focus should be on how to sustainably utilise the shared lake resources as citizens of the member States of the East African Community (EAC) without causing unnecessary acrimony and tension.

He said the island was inhabited by an estimated 500 people, 85 per cent of whom were Kenyans, 10 per cent Ugandans while the rest were  Tanzanians.

He urged fisherman to conform to existing regulations and controls provided by the respective countries sharing Lake Victoria to avoid stoking controversy.  

The controversy surrounding the boundary of the island has persisted for long  between Kenya and Uganda with local fishermen accusing the Ugandan authorities of constant harassment. 

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