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MKU chairman urges CSAK to diversify engagement

The Christian and Scientific Association of Kenya has been urged to diversify its areas of engagement and consider expanding their collaborations into areas that will foster innovation, research and publications.

 “I challenge you to write books about this agenda. We must own this debate. This in itself will make the association unique in propagating knowledge creation and sharing,” Mount Kenya University founder and  chairman Prof Simon Gicharu told 300 members of CSAK who attended a two -day conference at Sweet Lake Resort in Naivasha.

He said although the funding of the association is coming to an end early next year, MKU made a commitment from the beginning to give requisite facilitation to CSAK. “I want to assure members of CSAK and other partners present that MKU board of directors is still committed to maintain the same spirit. I have tremendous faith in the CSAK board of management to drive this association to greater heights.

Prof Gicharu, through Prof Andrew Briggs of Oxford University, thanked Templeton World Charity Foundation for funding the project that started the association.

Prof Gicharu said his university has instituted strong quality assurance measures in all their activities. “As an example, we invest Sh1.5 million (US$15,000) every year towards the anti-plagiarism software licence, to ensure that we safeguard academic integrity. We believe CSAK will help inculcate such values in our institution,” he said.

Prof. Gicharu said he was privileged to address such a large group of academics gathered to discuss issues of the relationship between religion and science.

“It gives me great pleasure as I stand before you today to note that this idea was not in vain, I also take cognizance of the great leadership of the Christian and Scientific Association of Kenya that has steered it this far,” the chairman said.

He said the CSAK had succeeded due to the spirit of cooperation by members. He particularly hailed Prof Bernard Boyo from Daytstar University and Prof Eunice Kamaara of Moi University, who were among the pioneers.

The theme of the conference was “Interaction of science and religion in Africa: current and future perspectives.” It was attended by over 270 members drawn from 38 academic and religious research institutions in Kenya.

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