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Pros and cons of tinting

Cars look cool with tinted windows, and I presume they feel as cool as when we put on sunglasses. There are both advantage and disadvantages to tinting your car and here are some of them.

Privacy: When you see a cool car or bike, your curiosity naturally wants to know who is driving or riding it. Most people, wisely, simply don’t like such attention. On a motorbike you can wear a tinted helmet and in a car you can tint your windows.

Safer: Most thieves are scared and tinting your car is a sure way to scare them even further.  They look for easy targets and a tinted car will not give them a change to get the motivation by seeing the laptop bag, handbag and other valuables lying in the car. It also won’t allow them to see if you forgot to lock a door.

Carjackers typically don’t approach tinted cars as they don’t know how many people are in the car or if they are carrying big guns. I actually recently saw a video of such an incident where it turned out the guys in the car were armed policemen.

Authorities pay attention: Speaking of policemen, the default mindset of any officer is that innocent people don’t have anything to hide and, therefore, would not tint their windows. You will almost always get flagged down by a curious cop and even when they find it stationary, they’ll be curious about the occupant and cargo. So, tinting keeps thieves away from your car, but gets cops thinking that you may be one.

UV rays protection: I can’t speak for the quality of the tint hawkers you find in garages with a hand spray and tint films tucked underarm. But tinting with quality film protects occupants and, especially young children from harmful Ultra Violet rays in bright sunny weather. Tint also protects the interior surfaces from sun damage.

Visibility: The biggest trade off is significantly reduced visibility at night and when driving through tunnels.

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