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Meet Kevin Mungai aka Kevlovee, mixologist

I got inspired to become a mixologist because of my love for drinks and how flexible it is. More so, it’s a really enjoyable industry.

If I had to create a great drink in a minute it would be a tequila sunrise, whiskey sour or a screw driver. They are all easy to make.  

To be a good mixologist you should always have respect and be patient.

Worst bar disaster was when one time patrons started fighting and one of them ended up running away with the bill.

If I were to invite a famous person to my house for a drink would be Sport Pesa CEO Ronald Karauri. He is one fun gentleman to hang out with, social and composed. He is also a lover of whiskey, hence I would make one good cocktail and name it after him.

What I love most about my job is that you get to meet a lot of people who are looking for fun and happiness in life.

My ideal day at home is having time alone and meditating. I also love hanging around with my family.

The highest amount of money I have ever got was Sh45,000 during a one-day cocktail party that I was invited for. The lowest amount would be Sh12, 000 for a job I did for one month behind the bar.

I would disagree when I hear that cocktails go in and out of fashion. Mostly because there are classic cocktails that must be the same everywhere you go and there are signature cocktails that change from place to place. Currently, in Kenya, Mohito is the biggest selling cocktail so far, only because it’s popular.

A perfect cocktail should balance in terms of taste. In most cases, it should hide the harshness of liquor.

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