CS Kobia calls for robust drive to empower women

Reuben Mwambingu @reubenmwambingu

Public Service, Youth and Gender Cabinet secretary Margaret Kobia has called for a more aggressive initiative to empower women if gender equality is to be achieved.

She told the Kenya Institute of Management Sixth Annual Women in Leadership conference in Mombasa that the number of women in the country’s top leadership positions currently, projects glaring gaps that calls for some women empowerment.

Kobia said women represent only 21 per cent of board members in State corporations, 23 per cent in Parliament while there are only three senators and governors.

“The data tells us we need to empower women to achieve the desired constitutional threshhold. This is important because women will bring the diversity and balance that we need in leadership,” Kobia said as she challenged women not to shy away from competing for public office positions.

Referring to the recent case of Nairobi Speaker Beatrice Elachi who faced an ouster bid,  Kobia noted that there is a tendency by society to view women who are strong in leadership as a threat.

“There is a tendency to view women who are strong as a threat. For example the case of Elachi was unfair. Due process ought to have been followed because we are a country anchored the on rule of law,” she said.

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