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Hennessy launches new Global Campaign

Hennessy has launched the second instalment of its distinctive brand campaign – Never Stop, Never Settle – by focusing on pioneers who are making the creativity of Africa shine.

The impact of African culture on global trends has grown exponentially in recent years, influencing everything from runways to restaurants and radio waves. Never Stop Never Settle tells aims to tell a story of individuals driving this change, by transforming their creative passions into thriving business ventures, and in so doing, boldly challenge us to see the world.

From Kenya, the campaign features Mutua Matheka, known for his photographic work that reveals the multifaceted beauty of his country. Matheka is a photographer and producer in Kenya.

“Hennessy is a world class brand that has stood the test of time, something I hope to achieve with my photography being associated with this finesse is a good thing and I wanted to be a part of celebrating African creativity. Something that many global brands aren’t necessarily intentional about,” said Matheka.

The new campaign highlights eight real-life creative entrepreneurs from Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria and Ivory Coast, delving deep into each of their unique stories to discover how inner drive, confidence, passion and talent can create chain reactions, and unite millions.

From digital music start-ups, photography, choreography and film production, these individuals exemplify a generation of innovation and leadership who break through convention to create a different kind of world.

“I was picked as someone who uses their creativity in a positive and progressive way. All the artists picked are great at what they do and this has pushed things for all of us.” Mutheka says.

“I’m hoping it encourages younger artists to take time and make their art amazing, I hope it encourages them to push on, and I hope it furthers African art in a positive direction,” he adds.   

Patrick Madendjian Regional Commercial and Marketing Director, Moët and Hennesy says that it was important that the cast not be actors, but real people who are out there every day, making things happen.

“These individuals are not satisfied simply to be the best at what they do, they are constantly seeking new challenges, pushing themselves to newer and higher goals. They want to have a meaningful impact on the continent whilst also being passionate about what they do.”

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