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Former marathon record Makau holder says no human

Viden Ochieng and Barry Silah @PeopleSports11

Patrick Makau, the man who broke Ethiopian legend Haile Gebrselassie’s marathon record in 2011 has proclaimed infinity on the two hours one minute and thirty nine seconds set by Eliud Kipchoge in Berlin, Germany on Sunday.

The now retired Makau reminisced on the travails of doing the 42km distance racing then proclaimed: “No human can go faster than that. No human can break that record. It will exist for years and years but nobody will get close. Generation after generation can attempt but it will stand. Trust me I’ve had a running career spanning 15 years and I know.”

Makau became just the second Kenyan after Paul Tergat to lower the 42km race record when in 2011 on the same Berlin course he clocked 2:03.38 to claim Selassie’s three-year-old 2:03.59 record.

He was stunned by Kipchoge’s feat on Sunday, just days after announcing his retirement, and suggested that not even Kipchoge himself can repeat the feat.

“It takes a lot out of you. Effects of running that fast can last very long. Personally, I was affected for years, not just health wise but in other aspects also,” said Makau on the cost of breaking a marathon world record.

The jury is, however, out on Makau’s prediction on the longevity of Kipchoge’s record. Kipchoge had last year clocked 2:00.25 in a controlled Monza course although the timing posted was not admissible.

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