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Enriched porridge flour hits the shelves

Mwangi Mumero @PeopleDailyKe

The Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation (Karlo) together with partners in the public and private sector have launched two highly nutritious porridge flours for low income families.

 Working in collaboration with the International Centre for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) and a private food processor AZURI Health Ltd, Karlo released the two specially made flours into the market.

 The two- Jamii Tosha and Toto Tosha flours – are made from a mix of nutritious foods including maize, beans millet and terere.

A 500 gm packet of Jamii Tosha retails at Sh75 while Toto Tosha will sell at Sh70 for the same quantity.

 “These products are important innovations that will help the country to address stunting as well as reverse the rising trend of non-communicable diseases. They will also help achieving our sustainable development goals,” observed Dr Eliud Kireger, the director general Karlo during the launch.

 Malnutrition is considered to be the highest greatest contributor to deaths for children under five years.

  The flours are specifically aimed at supporting breast feeding and malnutrition campaigns.

 With them, lactating mothers can have more milk to breastfeed children. Children, especially in the critical first 1,000 days of their lives, will have access to nutrient-dense food.

 The flours are a culmination of a three-year collaborative research among international and local organisations and universities along with smallholder farmers, low-income consumers and the private sector.

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