Experts on board

Fashion has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember, so I’m pretty stoked about being able to express and share with you my style, lifestyle and everything in between!” popular fashion blogger Diana Machira introduces herself in her blog Denim and Cateye.

And we too are stoked she’s going to be sharing on everything style and fashion from an experienced vantage right here on PD Wikendi. Head on over to our Ultimate Appeal page, where the stylista made a debut this weekend.

We strive to bring on board individuals who are experts in their various fields, so you can get the most out of your favourite read. On the same section, you will notice beauty tips dished out by a stylist and beautician. Hope you’re taking notes.

After all, weekends are for taking care of you… from the closet, bedroom, bathroom, among others, including the kitchen. Speaking of which, I love sweet potatoes. As in potatoes that are sweet, which, well, also means sweet potatoes themselves!

How nice that there exists tons of ways to prepare them, rather than the usual boiling majority of us only know of. We have a simple recipe in today’s issue on the Tried n’ Tasted section, that you should check out and bring the spice to your kitchen this weekend. I’m rooting (pun intended) for you!

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