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Ways to market your start-up on the cheap

Francis Muli @PeopleDailyKE

Any start-up requires a certain amount of publicity for it to create a customer base that will support its existence. However, small start-ups might not have the required financial muscle to create the publicity needed.

This forces such startups to operate in the dark and before they know it, they are phased out. It is therefore important for any entity to publicise itself, using the cheapest way possible.  This will help it compete against competitors. Here are some cheap ways a start-up can advertise itself:

Social media

Small, medium and big enterprises are using social media to engage both existing and potential customers. If you do not have a budget fot publicity in the dailies, radio or TV, then social media has got your back. All you need is to post consistently,  be interactive and understand your clients’ needs.

“Create a link through which you can market your dream products. Create a blog or a website of your own depending on what you want to be recognised for.

Share your experiences through these media,” advises Israelmore Ayivor, a young multi-talented author and a dynamic, inspirational blogger.

Friends and referrals

It may sound a bit cliché, but the truth is that charity begins at home. Let your friends and family sing the goodness of your business. Genuinely ask them to help you grow, and you will see the wonders.

Make sure that you leave a lasting impact with every customer you interact with. Referals are a cheap yet effective way to pull in new customers.

Offer quality

Quality sells. It is what will create a good public image, more than any narrative can do. It is a guaranteed long term advertisement for your products.Henrique Rego, a French professor says, “If you have better quality, certainly you will have better (natural) advertising. People will praise your product.

Advertising can promote good sales in the short term. Better quality can guarantee better sales in the long term. If you can only inject money, or another type of resource in only one aspect of your business, I strongly suggest you inject it in quality, because good quality sells itself.”


This is what gives identity to your business and differentiates it from others. Branding will make it easy for proper referrals, so that customers do not get confused in locating your business. It will only cost you paint and a good artist.

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