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Mixmaster rising from ordinary matatu vibe

There are a lot of deejays making a buck or two in the matatu industry, but Daniel Kipkoech aka DJ Dante Esko doesn’t want to look ordinary in that manner. He intends to break even in ways he deems unique.

You might have seen his name circulating on matatu screens around town. The DJ wants to be the cutting edge mix master who specialises in the creation of customised mixes.

“My mixes are commissioned. I also make videos and photo reels of matatus that roll out on the screen as the playlist goes on,” says the DJ.

He has taken this opportunity to showcase other matatus in these videos making some money out of his unique marketing strategy. Born in Kitale, the 23-year-old started deejaying actively in 2015. He has been playing at events, some of which are high-profile gigs. The latest event he played at was at Mr and Miss Tuvibe beauty pageant.

DJ Dante made a dash for the nganya scene’s lucrative allure this year with three mixtapes in his collection. “The mixtapes are reggae, hiphop and Afro beat, with the fourth one still in the making. They’ve been on high demand and are selling like hot cake,” says the decks master.

He is collaborating with Matatu Galore and hopes this establishment will sign him and bring him onboard. Matatu Galore is partly responsible for the rise of matatu DJs such as popular street DJ Demakufu. DJ Dante’s aspirations go on and on.

“My main goal is to set up a music production business. I believe I will be a good producer. I’m working on that and have great mentors showing me the way,” he says.

interestingly, Kipkoech never set foot in a deejaying class. He used YouTube to his advantage. The endless deejaying tutorials on the site were at his disposal and he keenly took up the skills while looking up to the likes of DJ Joe Mfalme, Scottish DJ and record producer and singer Calvin Harris.

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