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They all chimed ‘I do’

There are instances where couples end up living under the same roof with no formal pen to paper agreement. The ‘come we stay’ kind. They cannot be faulted after all, life takes it own course.

Years later, Mr and Mrs John Doe have children and then grandchildren. Mrs Doe then decides she wants to feel the feels that come with having a special day where she gets to say ‘I do’. Lucky for her, her local church has an opening that will allow her to say ‘Yes’ to the already love of her life.

Welcome to mass weddings. I attended one, virtually, and it is clear that every woman wants to walk down the aisle, in a snow white dress regardless of her offspring. It was a Catholic mass held in open grounds with different tents for the different couples’ friends and family.

They each walked down the aisle with their best couples. All 30 of them. After the mass, the couples made their way to the dais for the vows and the signing of the marriage certificates. The wedding sacrament followed, and 30 times, the Father administered it to the newly weds.

Some couples opt to have separate receptions, but the one I watched keenly, had a joint celebration. 30 times, the couples made their way to the cake gazebo and ran the knife over the cake, not actually slicing it. The actual slicing came afterwards, then the newly weds made their way to the gazebo again and fed each other.

I don’t know whether it was the melee from respective self-proclaimed paparazzi and the excited children or the redundancy of seeing the same thing over and over that got me worked up.

It might also have been the emcee, whose job left a lot to be desired. They should have had separate parties, but nonetheless, I think it was better than another one I once saw, where each couple had their turn in the church with the pastor.

Yes, each couple walked down the aisle, said their vows led by the pastor, and walked out as the next one marched in. The pastor and congregation, needless to say, were nothing short of exhausted.

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