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Disband CMOs for artistes’ sake, says Rawbeena

Finland-based Kenyan singer, Rawbeena, is furious over what she terms “gross violation of artistes’ rights”. According to her, Kenyan artistes will continue to suffer in the hands of the Collective Management Organisations (CMOs) “purporting” to care about their welfare. She accuses the CMOs of harbouring selfish interests while conducting their business.

In an interview with PD Wikendi, Rawbeena intimates that the organisations should stop operations to pave way for the formation of a single artistes-initiated CMO to collect royalties on their behalf.

“I am pained by how these CMOs continue to take our efforts for granted as they feast on our sweat. We therefore, as artistes, need to initiate an organistion that will hold our best interests at heart, failure to which we’ll continue suffering under the current dispensation,” she says.

The singer, who has just released a new song titled Kidogo, also points lack of support, financial and sexual exploitation of artistes by Kenyan industry players, including presenters and deejays, as one of the factors limiting the growth of Kenyan music. To this effect, she says that plans are in top gear to set up a recording studio in Nairobi to exclusively cater for female artistes.

She says: There’s a lot of exploitation on female artistes and I feel it’s time to give them better opportunities. The studio will definitely offer that. It’s all copyrighted and will be launched in due time.”

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