Three killed, several hurt in Njoro clashes

Noah Cheploen @cheploennoah

Three people have been killed and several others injured after fresh ethnic clashes broke out in Nesuit in Njoro, Nakuru county.

Following Wednesday’s 1pm attack, more than 400 families have fled homes for fear of reprisals and are now camping at Sigaon Academy in Nesuit ward which lies in the Eastern Mau Forest.

Yesterday, tension remained high for the better part of the day as police led by Molo police chief Benard Muinde intensified patrols but residents  accused authorities of only intervening when damage had  been done.

At the Nakuru Level Five Hospital where 10 victims are receiving treatment, Medical Superintendent Dr Joseph Mburu told the press that two bodies were received at the hospital morgue.

He said two patients admitted at the facility were in critical condition, adding that one had an arrow lodged in his skull while the other was hit on the chest—puncturing some vital organs in the process.

“The one who was shot with an arrow in the chest is in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) but the arrow has been removed… he needs life support,” said Mburu.

He told the press that one patient was treated and discharged while the other nine are receiving treatment for arrow wounds and machete cuts. “Four still have arrows lodged in various parts of their bodies,” he said.

“The arrow penetrated the skull so we’re waiting for the neurosurgeon because this is a very delicate operation,” he added. At the hospital where he was taking care of his two brothers, Nelson Yegon, 30, was beside himself with rage accusing a rival community for instigating violence. His two brothers Peter Rop, 26, and Julius Kurgat had an arrow lodged on the skull and in the neck respectively.

“It is all about land. The Ogiek sold us land many years ago at a throw-away price but they now want to force us out because it is worth millions at the moment,” he said.

His statement was corroborated by area assistant chief Sammy Kirui who attributed the clashes to dispute over the ownership land which sits on the edges of Mau Forest Complex — the country’s biggest water tower.

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