Lobby calls for law on protests to curb fatalities

Irene Githinji @gitshee

At least 80 protests have been reported this year alone, amid concerns over the growing trend and whether desired outcomes are achieved.

Data collected by Article 19 East Africa shows that the highest number of the protests, reported between January and July, were in Nairobi while the rest of the counties recorded up to four cases.

In January, there were 12 cases of protests, February had 10; March had 8, another 12 were reported in April while May, June and July had 14, 15 and 9 cases respectively.

Of the 80 protests, 67 were peaceful while 13 were violent. Also within the same period, there were two deaths reported and another two were arrested and charged.

Article 19 Eastern Africa regional director Henry Maina yesterday said there is need to develop a proper framework on protests to avoid fatalities.  Last year, there were 150 protests, while in 2016, at least 175 were reported.

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