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Karua says legal reforms won’t bring desired change

Narc-Kenya party leader Martha Karua yesterday said legal reforms cannot change the country’s political and electoral landscapes.

She added that past political events have shown that changing the manner in which politics is run will do the country some good, even as modalities are worked out to build on one another’s trust.

Karua made the remarks even as she called for the need to explore options of devolving elections where every county would have different stakeholders to oversee elections and subsequently solve all disputes.

Karua was concerned that as it is, political parties, electoral commission, the police and even the courts seemingly do not trust one another, a situation she said should be put into consideration in a bid to change the politics.

Karua spoke during a meeting with Kenya Editors Guild (KEG) and Dialogue Contact Group (DCG).

“But I am not saying we do not need the law because we need a legal framework to guide us but we need to focus on changing our politics and the way we interact with one another,” said Karua.