Suspect in Solai dam case seeks travel pass

Patel farm owner petitions court to allow India visit as State Counsel, victims’ lawyer oppose move

Perry Manusukh, the owner of Patel farm, whose dam burst its banks three months ago, killing 48 people, wants the court to allow him to travel out of the country once again.

Manusukh, who was out of the country last month, wants his passport returned so he can travel to India between September 13 and 18 despite stiff opposition from the State counsel Victor Owiti.

He has accused Manusukh, who is facing 48 charges of manslaughter, of setting a bad precedent. He said, according to court documents, the suspect had already acquired a plane ticket implying he was sure the court would grant his demands.

Owiti told the court that another civil matter had been filed at the Environmental Court in Narok and the judge was expected to give his ruling on September 12.

“The ruling by the Narok High Court could affect the ongoing trial and hence the need to wait,” he said.

Naivasha Principal Magistrate Joseph Karanja said the court will have to wait for the ruling by the Narok High Court before reviewing the application.

The application will be determined on September 14.

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