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Queen of the airwaves Mwende Macharia unveils her candidate for #mwendesprotege

Mwende Macharia, a top radio and TV media personality, is thrilled to unveil her protégé, Miss Emily Mbai, who will be learning under her wing for the next three months. The programme aims to enrich, educate and self-evolve the mentees.

She will be sharing some of her tips and tricks of becoming Queen of the Airwaves.   “Emily Mbai is driven, young and passionate about media. In more than one way, I saw a younger version of myself in her. My aim is to guide her to know how to optimise her brand both on social media and her environs. Using all the knowledge I have been able attain in the nine years of my career, there is no better way to educate our younger generation other than mentorship,” shared Mwende.

Mwende has partnered with Google Africa and The American Spaces to train on Google Skills every month to ensure Emily has all the skills that she will require after the programme.  “I am grateful for this experience with Mwende Macharia. It has come at a much needed time in my life. I have always been inspired by her and I love radio and who better else to learn from than her.

Dreams do come true and I thank God for this,” intimated Emily. #mwendesprotege is a mentorship programme that is set to be taking place every three months. It aims to enrich the youth with tips and tricks and also giving them employment opportunity  so as to position themselves for jobs.

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