The dapper man

Life isn’t perfect, but your outfit can be — a mantra that fashion blogger Bill Asura lives by. He talks to Manuel Ntoyai about his style

My fashion journey began…when I was in my teens. Even in school uniform, I was keen on grooming. Moreover, I’ve always had the desire of having finer things in life, therefore I consider dressing as a step towards my vision.

My most memorable fashion moment was…when I started my fashion blog, Asura’s Envelope. It became my gateway to inspire men on matters fashion.

My range features…dapper outfits to basic casual outfits.Though being a student has me owning quite a number of casual outfits.

If money was no object, I’d buy…a vehicle production line. Most preferably Mercedes’s own Aufrecht Melcher and Grobaspach AMG. I swear I’m tired of hiking javs (matatus) and waiting in long queues at Nairobi bus stations.

My favourite international designers are…Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Gianni Versace, Christo’bal Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, Tom Ford and Kenya’s own Zeddie Loky.

I believe you should wear…suede shoes in sunny months. Suede is a delicate material that risks integrity loss, especially when in contact with any form of moisture, mud or water.

Everyone should own…a crisp white pair of leather sneakers. White sneakers are not only timeless, but can also be dressed up making it an investment worth your money.  I would most love to dress…in the same Versace outfit actor Chadwick Boseman wore for the 2018 Met Gala in New York.

I am wearing…a burgundy bomber jacket from Topman, a black turtle neck, a black pair of denim and a pair of old school Vans. My best fashion buy is…a pair of black sneakers from Kilo and Metres (KM). The shoes are stylish and can really take a beating.

My style icon is…Marcus Troy, whose work is simple yet artsy. He really encompasses everything cool or on the verge of cool. My go-to accessory…is a watch. It’s timeless and versatile with any outfit from formal to streetwear.

I could live in…New York. It’s one of the fashion cities that’s on my bucketlist. Paris, Milan and London are also on the list.  My signature scent…Mont Blanc Legend. It always has that touch of masculinity that boosts my confidence.

My fashion obsession…is definitely chinos. They are comfy and the most versatile pair of pants I believe any man should have.

I stock up on…watches and dark denims because they are quite versatile. With dark denims, your fashion options are limitless; from dapper outfits to casual. As for timepieces, well, I equate them to toys — you can never have too many.

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