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Ways to find inner peace

We all experience stress, at one time, or another. However, it can only affect you as long as you allow it. Grace Wachira compiles ways to take the stress out your life, if even just for the moment. These stolen moments can lower your stress level and help you feel calmer and centered


6. Write about it or document it

Not everyone is comfortable opening up to the world. Some people prefer to sort out their problems alone. Writing or documenting it is a way to ensure you don’t keep things pent up. Even something as simple as a diary can mean the difference between a calmer, peaceful mind or crippling emotions. It’s not good to keep things bottled up, and we’re not just talking wine. 

7. Travel

Not all classrooms have walls. Travel teaches you a lot about yourself. It challenges you and opens you up to new opportunities. It also shows you how small your problems are. It changes you — after all, so much of who we are is where we have been. So pack a bag or don’t, just go. Sometimes, the greatest rewards come from doing sponteneous things. Seeing different places, interacting with different cultures will help you see life through a new fresh lens and you will forget what it was that left you barely keeping it together. 


8. Garden or clean

There’s something about gardening that restores a sense of calm. That invariable act of planting or weeding or just cleaning the environment — it gives one a sense of fulfilment. You will walk away feeling better about yourself after changing a patch of nature into a beautiful kitchen garden or flowerbed. You may be moping about failing at a project or sometging, but at least you can be sure in Mother Nature’s books, you’re the cherry on top.


9. Drink water

Cortisol is a stress hormone were are constantly exposed to especially when our bodies are dehydrated. Many experts recommend that you drink eight glasses of water per day. By simply hydrating, levels of cortisol are neutralised, thus causing your stress levels to go down by a bucket load.


10.  Eat stress releasing foods

Fruits like rich in potassium such as avocados and bananas will help reduce blood pressure. Citrus fruits such as lemons, which are also heavily laden with potassium, go a long way in returning calm, sometimes even just sniffing them. Chocolates may seem cliche to try out when stressed but the sugar in chocolates improve the production of serotonin that is great with improving moods.

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