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Ways to find inner peace

We all experience stress, at one time, or another. However, it can only affect you as long as you allow it. Grace Wachira compiles ways to take the stress out your life, if even just for the moment. These stolen moments can lower your stress level and help you feel calmer and centered

1. Walk it off

It may sound cliché, but sometimes you need to walk it off. Take the kicks off and take one step at a time. Walking barefoot enhances health and provides feelings of wellbeing. It’s called earthing. Putting your feet on the ground enables you to absorb negative electrons through the soles of your feet, and this will help align your body to the same negatively charged electrical potential as the Earth.


2. Take a drive or a ride

Sometimes, all you need is the open road. A lot of times, we focus so much on the destination —what we don’t realise is that the journey counts as much as the where you land. So hit the road, and whether or not you have no real destination in mind, granted after all while, all your problems will feel   as inconsequential as the passing trees.  

3. Read a book

There’s something about immersing yourself in another world albeit for an hour or two. Forget reality and pick up a good read and lose yourself between the lines. Whether we’re talking chasing  Horcruxes (objects in which a dark wizard or witch has hidden a fragment of his or her soul for the purpose of attaining immortality) in the pages of Harry
or avoiding feeling of despair as you devour young adult novel Thirteen
Why, you’ll find yourself in books, just as you lose yourself in them.  

4. Listen to music

Some days you need music, some days you need the lyrics. Whatever the case, Music is medicine to the soul. Whether we’re talking electronic dance music (EDM), rock, soul, hip-hop, country, worship or reggae, find the beat that works for you. You;ll not only feel so much lighter on your feet, but also in your mind. After all, music is what feelings sound like.  


5. Talk it out

A problem shared, is really a problem half-solved. Talk to someone, it doesn’t have to be family or friends — try therapy or even talking to a priest; you’ll see more clearer.   Sometimes, all you need to find clarity is a willing ear.

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