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Kenyans in US call for probe on Githae

Kenyans living in the United States have urged President Kenyatta to take action against ambassador Robinson Githae for allegedly perpetuating corruption in issuance of identity cards.

Yesterday, pressure mounted on Githae to clear the air over what they say are extra costs of getting ID and passports.

They said this was a loophole for corruption and asked Uhuru to take action on the matter.

“Kenyans in the US face a lot of difficulties and work so hard to pay their bills,” said a Kenyan based in Kansas State.

Speaking to People Daily on condition of anonymity for fear of victimisation, the concerned Kenyan said they were being forced to pay $75 (Sh7,500) to a third party who will then use the money to pay consular travel expenses and accommodation.

“The registration is separate from the fee that will be paid to the consular statutory fee for passport and ID services. It’s a circus with underlying corruption potential and kickbacks,” he added.  They claimed Githae was charging $150 (Sh15,000) instead of the official fee of $45  (Sh4,500) for IDs.

“Is it government’s policy that Kenyans abroad be subjected to such fraudulent activities?” he asked.

Githae has since dismissed the claims that the embassy staff in Washington are engaged in corruption when issuing identity cards.

He said the claims are meant to tarnish his reputation and challenged those affected to table evidence.

The former Finance minister said the extra charges are associated with logistics especially when the exercise takes place in different states.