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Understanding what works for your marriage

Joseph Hellon

There are different abilities granted to men. If you look at various careers and disciplines, you’ll notice how skills and talents differ and how what excites one can easily put off another. It’s just like culture and diets. Some communities relish raw white ants while others enjoy rats. Some, as a result of religion and upbringing, avoid certain foodstuffs. The varying cultural, religious, economic and social status of a people group determines their overall make-up and way of life.

Relationships aren’t an exception. There are communities that marry off their daughters after rigorous demands have been met by the husband-to-be. There are others that expect the bride-to-be to meet certain stringent economic standards and demands if marriage is to happen. The more westernised societies are, the less stringent when it comes to marriage and relationships in general.

In the same line of thought, the relationships between husbands and wives vary in expectations. Some marry for the sole purpose of procreation while others do it for companionship. Some don’t even desire to have babies.

So, works for one might not necessarily work for the other. When dealing with long distance relationships, one has to look at the main purpose of the marriage itself with all the underlying realities and expectations taken into account. Those who marry chiefly for companionship might not enjoy long distance relationships. Those who love to spend quality time with family aren’t suited for long distance relationships. Those who marry for economic purposes might not mind distance. If for a reason or the other, a couple finds themselves in a long distance relationship, they need not despair.

Marriage is principally a product of communication. A couple that lives apart from each other must make up for the distance by perfected communication and skilful use of words. They must use every means possible to get in touch and must talk as often as is practically possible. It’s said that distance makes hearts grow fonder. Distance can also make hearts wander apart. This is why every distance between a couple must be replaced with well-crafted words full of meaning and emotion. This is the best way such relationships can thrive.