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Can you resist temptations?

You are happily married; you could not think of a better spouse to be married to. While you are busy minding your own business and loving your sweetheart, Temptation walks into your life, wrapped in the perfect package. Suddenly, you can’t stop thinking about being in Temptation’s arms. Deep down, you don’t want to do it.  Common sense and your values both scream NO! But your body won’t cooperate. In fact, your heart also decides that you are in love. What do you do?

Avoid Temptation. When Temptation walks into the room, walk out. Do not start a conversation with them. Do not even talk to them about the weather. Stop focusing on how hot Temptation is. Walk out and go do your taxes. Go home and love your family. 

Remember that, if you fall into temptation today, you will find it hard to resist it tomorrow. If you resist it today, it will be easier for you to resist tomorrow. If you postpone that conversation today, you can also postpone it tomorrow. When you feel that you are at your weakest, summon the rest of your willpower and say no.

Think of the big picture.  Cheating on your partner would result in consequences that would outlive your 11-30 minutes of ecstasy. Do not lie to yourself by thinking that it will be a one-time affair. Your first kiss may lead to a long-term sexual affair that may result in unplanned babies, damaged marriages, distraught children and financial ruin.

Get support from a friend. There are friends who will tell you to have your way, and there are those who will tell you to think twice. Get a friend who will understand your struggle, one who will talk you out of a bad idea.