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Bomba taking the gospel front by storm


If you haven’t listened to this then then Bomba should be the latest song to add to your playlist. Bomba is a single that has been done by two acts (Ben Cyco and Stone Jiwe) who have a unique way of presenting their art. Ben Cyco, who previously was a member of the Christ Cycoz has collaborated with Stone Jiwe, the king of moves to come up with a four-minute track.

The setting of the video is in a local estate, but what makes it more attractive is the creativity behind the production of the video. DJ Psalms has directed the song. The song seeks to give a message of having Jesus take control in everything you do. The spectacular moves by the dancers make the track, even more tasteful through the guidance of Stone Jiwe, who is well known for his moves. The kind of outfits worn by the dancers are simple and easy to associate with, especially for the young generation, which has a style of unique attires.

For the lyrics, Ben Cyco with his unique mastery of the local slang, Sheng makes the song flow a clear indication of having mastered alliteration a stylistic device. Stone too has not been left behind in spitting his well-thought-out lyrics as he comes up just immediately after Ben has set the pace. At a time when the gospel music has taken the turn on investing more content on having a good combination of dancing moves, Bomba is a clear example of the trend in Gospel music.

“Hii ni Bomba I say…maisha bomba I say..Yesu mbele I say..kila kitu Bomba  I say”…

We can only wait to see how the song will be received out here, but indeed, hi ni Bomba I say!