‘No one will be spared’ in Sharon probe

DPP Haji says all suspects will be investigated and prosecuted if evidence of death point at them

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Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji says there will be no sacred cows in the hunt for the killers of Rongo University student Sharon Otieno.

Haji also said a Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) impostor who gained access to one of the suspects in the murder Michael Oyamo in his cell is also under investigations.

Speaking about the murder in public for the first  time since investigations begun, Haji said those found culpable will face the full force of the law, their seniority or influence notwithstanding.

“I want to assure that no one will be spared in the murder case. Whether you are a governor or not, you will have to face the law,” Haji said in Mombasa.

He added: “Investigations are ongoing. At the right time if we think the governor needs to be arrested that will definitely be done,” he said in reference to Migori governor Okoth Obado who has been mentioned in connection with the murder.

Kidnap victim

Obado’s office has denied he played any part in the abduction of journalist Barrack Oduor and Sharon, a second-year student who was seven months pregnant.

Haji spoke even as details emerged of what a  key suspect in the probe, Oyamo, who is Obado’s personal assistant told police.

A source familiar with the investigations said Oyamo claimed to be a victim of kidnap and he managed to escape from his abductors’ hands.

He reportedly told police he went to seek medical attention at Kisii Level Five Hospital, almost 60 kilometers away after the alleged kidnap.

Meanwhile Sharon’s family has expressed fear over their lives. Her mother Melinda Auma said she does not feel safe and asked for government protection.

“Wherever I walk in my compound, I feel as if I am being watched. I need to be protected,” she said.


At the same time,  family spokesman Joshua Okong’o, raised concern that politicians were likely interfere with the investigations.

Okong’o, who is Sharon’s maternal uncle, said the politicisation of the murder had caused the death of his sister Debora Ogweno who fainted and died on Friday.

“Let politicians go slow on this matter. Our family is hurt, we need time to mourn,” Okong’o added.

Haji also called on politicians to desist from politisising matters under probe, saying their remarks may jeopardise investigations.

At the same time, local leaders mounted pressure on police to arrest the “prime suspects” in the murder.

Woman Reps Gladys Wanga (Homa Bay), Rosa Buyu (Kisumu), Janet Ongera (Kisii) and Pamela Odhiambo (Migori) said Oyamo was a “minor suspect”.

Wanga accused investigators of deliberately slowing down the murder probe.

“When a dog  bites, it is its owner who should be questioned and not the dog itself. Justice should be equal to everyone,” she said.

The leaders threatened to hold demonstrations if, what they called prime suspects in the case, are not arrested and prosecuted.

Other leaders who called on the arrest of the masterminds include Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jr.

Haji expressed confidence in detectives investigating the matter saying he will not hesitate to arrest Obado if evidence pieced together by detectives finds him responsible.

Meanwhile the investigations were taken over by officers from Nairobi. Homicide investigators will from now conduct inquest into the death of the student.

The team will report to Nyanza regional CID commander and the CID headquarters in Nairobi.

Homa Bay DCI commander Daniel Wachira said they would only get involved their aid is required.

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