New captain in town, assassin sponsors!

If you weren’t lucky enough to land a kazee understanding aka ‘sponsor’ back then, chill your horses and sit back and watch the early birds feast on the fattest worms out there. Sponsors aren’t the old fatherly daddies you saw ‘babys’ flaunting out there.

If you happened to live under a rock or weren’t so lucky to indirectly enjoy the sponsor-sponsee relations (the third wheel must have been the luckiest being on earth, you get to enjoy but don’t suffer kathee’s demands), I’ll jog your mind up. Years back, when ‘sponsors’  were damn generous, these ones even bought their girlies cars—no strings attached. Today, he mentions he’ll buy you a ride…and that’s it. If you’re lucky he’ll keep mentioning to keep you around, but the unlucky ones will tell you that kathee suddenly suffered amnesia- ‘Mimi nikasema ntakununulia gari’?

Modern day ‘sponsors’ play you big time. If again you’re lucky to get those car keys, just know it ends there, car keys or car hire if you like because the moment you mess him up, that car stalls wherever you are­—car tracker manenos. Back then, girlie would make demands to which he’d faithfully oblige.

But now, well, now it’s over not because you want out, but only when he says it’s over. They own her, all of her including her life. You get on his way, he kills you. It’s a new trend of sponsors that eliminate their victims if they so, but threaten to break their families, careers and empires. Sad reality.

But what if young women  get themselves mixed up. So, what if she ‘oopsidentally’ gets pregoz by him. So what if she demands this or that. Heck, so what if she extorts money from him? Nothing justifies the Sharon’s brutal murder. And not just Sharon. Not just Mercy Keino.Not any young female dating these powerful individuals. These suspects should be in jail already waiting to be cleared. I mean the whole thing is just too much to ignore. Young lives matter. And if you’re not ready to deal with the consequences of dating a young, broke college girl, let their young broke men sacrifice their pocket  money. It’s just a wig anyway…and fancy hotels…and drinks…and vacays. And well cars, uhm rides and now homes, palatial homes. Just let the young men sweat it out!

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