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Tribute for true SUV

Why did you opt for this specific car?

It was one on a list of cars I wanted. I had a limited budget, but I really wanted a 4X4 that was both brawny and capable. I settled for this, as I love how it’s a proper boxy SUV. It is a masculine car no doubt.

If I had deeper pockets, there were other cars on the list, but I’m satisfied with it. On the inside it is spacious on account of not having a centre console and with the rear seats tucked away or taken out, it can work as a pick up.

What do you love about it?

Unlike these modern crossovers, this one is a proper SUV and I know for a fact that whatever the terrain, I can make it through. There’s a time I went to Kajiado, up the hills behind Olepolos.

On the way back it was dark and had started raining heavily, I had no visibility of the road and ended up in a ditch. With no assistance whatsoever, and thanks to its super 4×4 capabilities, it managed to pull itself out and then pulled out four more cars that had all gotten into the same sticky situation.

The 2.3-litre engine has lots of torque and makes light work of hostile terrain. Despite that, I find that the consumption is perfect. I once averaged Sh4,000 to Mombasa and Sh6,000 on the trip back, which if you compare with similarly sized cars is quite good. Because I’m an IT person, I fitted it with a WiFi receiver that lets me work from wherever I am.

Any drawbacks?

Well the most significant is that the car is out of production and therefore, getting parts is quite the task. The car itself is also rare in our market and even though the closely related Ford Escape is readily available everywhere, the Tribute is much harder to get parts for.

And when you do actually get them, they tend to be pricier than cars in the same category. But that said, the parts almost never go wrong. It has been reliable and I look forward to more adventures with it, even if I get another car.

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