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Meet MAX P.I.D – musician

Which is your latest gadget?

It is an iPhone 6 Plus. To be precise, it’s less than a month old.

As an artiste, how does it help you?

It helps me reach my fans so easily, mostly through apps that are not available on other phones. It helps distribute my music to many people as possible, and this helps my brand to get out there.

What do you love the most about it?

It has features such as the iTunes where you can upload songs and reach out to the intenational market much easier and has applications to help distribute my music across many international platforms. I also love its camera. It gives me nothing less than quality pictures and videos.

Your gadget you wouldn’t trade for anything?

For now it’s the phone, but I would trade it with an iPhone X maybe in a few months.

Which is your most expensive gadget and how much did it cost?

A while ago, a friend from the US gifted me with some Beats By Dre Bluetooth earpiece that costs between US$800 (Sh80,000) and US$1,000 (100,000).

Which gadget do you use the most and why?

That got to be my phone. As an artiste, you need to stay updated, especially on new music and trends, and the phone really helps me in that. It also helps me to keep my social media updated, thus giving me an easy way to get closer to my fans.

Which app do you use mostly on your phone and why?

I have two favourite apps: iTunes and Instagram. I use the former mostly to listen to music from from different artistes just to keep myself on the trend. Instagram is normally to upload my moments and keeping my fans updated with my new music and events.

What would you be if you were a gadget?

Definitely I’d be a phone; to be held, cared and treated with so much love.

Is there a gadget you can’t live without and why?

I can’t live without my phone. The world is moving so fast in terms of technology and the phone is giving us a wide platform to reach many people world over, especially through the Internet.

While shopping for gadgets, do you look for brand or output?

Most top brands produce great products. So, I first consider a brand, then the output.

The gadget you always wish you had.

I wish I had an iPhone X, you know to turn memories brighter because it’s an awesome gadget in terms of features.

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