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In Lagos, clubbing is an affair that doesn’t just happen

This past weekend, I was in Nigeria, Victoria Island in Lagos to be precise. I had a mission to make all the nights there worth it. But that’s a story for another day, which I promise I will deliver to you later. In my clubbing spree, I visited four clubs on random nights, but there is one that stood out, Cubana Pablo.

I actually have not seen a club so spacious in Nairobi as this one in Lagos. It’s a lounge with the sitting area elegantly partitioned by glass, creating a booth-like set up. Each of the glass partitioning has the club’s inscriptions on them.

We got there at 11pm and the club was almost empty. You could count the number of people in the club with your fingers. But that sure did not stop us from having fun. Nigerians stay true to their culture; the deejays play 90 per cent of local music, which explains why their music industry keeps on thriving.

Besides the livening music, the drinks here are also super affordable. A beer goes for N700 (Sh200) and we also smoked some shisha, which went for about Sh1,000. Cubana is a high-end club in Lagos, so the prices are a bit high as compared to the other clubs I went to.

We left the club at around 2am, since we were having an early morning. Surprisingly, that’s the time most locals were streaming in, and by the time we exited the joint, it was already filled to the rafters. Bottom line, I enjoyed myself.

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