Rise up, compete for political positions, Raila urges women

ODM leader Raila Odinga has challenged Kenyan womenfolk to rise up and compete for leadership positions even though it is harder for them to progress politically and economically.

Speaking at  an ODM Women Nairobi Chapter meeting on Friday, the Opposition leaders said  it is  time Kenyan women captured half of the country’s top county seats.

“Kenyan women have always been pioneers and go-getters throughout our history. Now, as we reboot ‘Project Kenya’ and restart our nation, I want our women to reinvent their zeal and be part of the trend around the world,” he said.

He acknowledged that it is a tough call, but urged  women to make a start.

Raila (pictured) said  as part of the ongoing building bridges initiative, interrogation of the country’s political culture has been given priority.

He said there is a deliberate attempt to interrogate why it has been harder for women than men to progress in Kenya’s politics and economy, and what needs to be done.

“We are also rethinking the way the Kenyan political system is structured so that we ensure it does not make it  hard for too many of our population to progress,” he said.

Raila advised Kenyan women to look around the world and borrow from countries that are witnessing more women stepping into leadership positions, adding that Kenya’s womenfolk are critical in the building bridges initiative and should be supported.

“However, as you support the handshake as you have said you do, you must know that your enemies, the enemies of Kenya, are the corrupt in this country who must be named, shamed and made to return what they stole,” he added.

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