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If you haven’t yet heard of astrotourism, then you’re probably not the travel enthusiast you thought you were. But, if you haven’t and you’re confident you’re the real deal, that it was only a matter of time before you came across it, stay with me. So, apparently, it’s a travel trend, at least since the recent past.

This is travel linked to astronomical events and to destinations known for stargazing. For example, people, not necessarily stargazers and astrology geeks, actually travel to catch eclipses, even those that last several seconds.

It’s actually stuff we’ve been doing for eons; stargazing and getting moony over the moon, especially in the village where, without pollution and lights, the sky at night is darkest and clearest. But now, add travel to it, with these views of natural phenomenon being the main motivation.

May be it’s Instagram’s fault; everyone wants to post the perfect dreamy shot of the moon, sunset and skies. Everyone wants to milk the Milky Way for likes, followers and popularity.

Or may be not. Several others do it for the love rather than the likes, for instance, the wedded couple featured in this issue, who travelled all the way to one of the world’s trending astrotourism destinations in Finland, to catch the famous aurora borealis, popularly referred to as northern lights, and got engaged while at it.

When two travel enthusiast who are keen on interaction with nature come together, it’s wanderlust goals.

May be you need to flee the city and a celestial getaway is beyond your access, means or interest? Naivasha is known to offer awesome weekend breaks within easy reach of the capital. Read more on page 12. Till next week!