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Tropical adoration


The counter at ZaziBar, a cocktail bar in Westlands, serves an array of organic alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails for customers to savour.

It’s more than a bar; more of a health centre with a vibe to hang out with loved ones. We sample three of their most popular tropical cocktails. 


It’s a blend of vodka, lime, ginger, cucumber, coconut water, honey and lemon grass. This one is light and intensely stimulating to the taste buds and the nervous system. A healthier way to party, but a shot of vodka is preferred to kick start the indulging. 


This is one of the most creative natural cocktails in Africa. It is a mix of rum, coconut water, basil, lime, honey and ginger.

The cocktail tastes so good it gets one in the right space to socialise, get stimulated, but still enjoy balanced energy levels to converse, dance, move around and wake up hang over free.

Unlike most commercial drinks that are full of soda and sugar, the coconut water in this cocktail is kind to the kidneys and liver.


It is designed to be the bar’s clincher.  It is the most tasty, most chemically balanced, most nutritious and reinvigorating courtesy of its high level of antioxidants.

It is a pleasure to look at with shades of pink from the combination of organic strawberries, red apples, watermelon and coconut water. A little sage, dill, lime and ginger are the toppings for that extra kick.

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