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Unresolved murders must be put behind us

The Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI) George Kinoti started his tenure with  vibrancy and resoluteness by investigating even persons who were hitherto regarded as “untouchables”.

In doing so, he sent the unequivocal message that everyone would have to account for their actions and pay for their sins, no matter their status in society. This momentum must not falter.

The abduction and murder of Rongo University student Sharon Otieno last Sunday and the attempted murder of former Garissa County Finance Executive Idris Mukhtar last month have given the DCI another opportunity to prove his mettle and commitment to deliver on his mandate.

It is also an opportunity for the DCI to assure Kenyans that the era of unresolved murders and extra-judicial killings is now gone, never to return.

The onus is on the detectives and related agencies to exhaustively investigate the two cases and make sure this time round, the culprits do not get away with murder, just because they are wealthy or hold positions of influence.

The two cases will no doubt test the DCI’s crime-busting skills and determine his legacy at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

Sharon’s murder was most tragic and cruel. Information available so far should provide investigators with crucial leads to the motives of the murder and the people who executed it.

Journalist Barrack Oduor, who was abducted with Sharon but managed to jump from the abductors’ vehicle to tell the tale, has linked a politician and his personal assistant to the abduction and the gruesome murder.

Her body was recovered in a forest in Homa Bay county on Tuesday, more than 48 hours after their abduction. At the time of the murder, Sharon was reported to be seven months pregnant.

Besides the postmortem on her body yesterday, DNA tests were also conducted on the unborn baby to help investigators solve the riddle.

With the DNA samples, it should be easy to conclusively put together evidence if matched with that of the persons of interest in the case and provide detectives with a breakthrough.

After so many unresolved murder cases, this time the culprits — wether the high and mighty or the small fish — must be brought to book.

Despite, the fact that the National Police Service Forensics Laboratory is yet to be operational, the DNA samples way would be the best option for now. —The writer is the Sports Editor, People Daily