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Meet Chef Rubia

My best signature meal is the beef wellington. It’s a classic steak dish that comprises beef fillet, olive oil, mushrooms, butter, thyme, white wine, egg yolks and water.

A good chef should always be creative, consistent, passionate about the job and always professional.

One thing that many people do not know about me is that I love photography.

My lowest moment at work is when I deal with unsatisfied clients. I always want to have clients who would want to come back and work with me.

If I had to cook a meal for 15 minutes that would be Chicken pesto pasta. It’s simple to cook and tasty.

I love good professional knives, which tend to be costly. That is a challenge that comes with being a chef.

If I was to make a meal (any meal) for someone special, it would be Gordon Ramsay, British Chef. I would prepare a twisted fine dining version of my Grandma’s recipe of samaki wa kupaka na mchicha. (Grilled tilapia filet basted with coconut, lime and tamarind baste served with arrow roots croquettes, sautéed amaranth and grilled lime as a garnish.)

The best thing about my job is dealing and meeting with people from different walks of life.

The best advice I have ever received is to be the change I want to see .

I made a special meal for former Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki. It was a steak, beef medallions served with pepper sauce, sautéed seasonal vegetables and roasted potatoes.

The lowest amount of money I have ever received was Sh4,000 in a day and the highest was Sh1.5m for a one-month contract.

My worst habit is being a perfectionist. Does it count?

Best meal I make back home is Pilau.

My last supper meal, my death row meal is samaki wa kupakwa na wali (fish in coconut served with rice) any time.

My next big thing in the food world is propelling Kenyan and African food as a whole to the world.