CS Adan downplays ‘frosty’ Kenya, Tanzania relations

Jackline Nzisa @jackie_nzisa

East African Community (EAC) Cabinet secretary Adan Mohammed has downplayed the seemingly frosty relations between Kenya and Tanzania.

He described issues between the two countries as mere teething problems which “cannot detract the region’s integration agenda”.

Speaking in Mombasa after a closed-door meeting with the National Assembly  Regional Integration Committee, Mohammed (pictured) said Kenya relates well with all the EAC member states.

He reiterated the government’s commitment to deepen EAC integration and ensure success of 100 per cent free movement of goods across the countries.

“You will never miss a few teething problems on border points, however, we will continue to deal with them on bilateral and regional basis. We have 16 sectoral  meetings at Cabinet level within EAC intended to deal with some of these problems,” he said.

Mohammed said the government is committed to ensuring that the more than 150 million people in EAC enjoy a fully integrated region with free movement of goods and services, adding that 25 per cent of Kenya’s export trade is within the EAC.

“Once we meet the aspirations of EAC, I think it will be a good opportunity to pursue the larger African integration, which should be our next phase,” he said.

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