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Sugar, spice and everything nice – a taste of Thailand

Chebet Korir @chebetkorir

A few weeks back, I felt the need to cleanse my body. By cleansing, I mean going green and following a food detox programme. However, that joke went down the drain as I got to try the all-you-can-eat curry cuisine at Soi restaurant located at Dusit d2.

Two things, for starters, rang in my mind. One, detoxing can always be done later and secondly, an all you can eat Thai experience does not sound as unhealthy as say an American all you can eat affair.

For those not familiar with it, Thai cuisine is famously known for its generous use of spices. In fact, Thai food is balanced in five flavours; spicy, sour, sweet, salty and bitter.

Some dishes have a careful blend of all these tantalizing tastes. I tagged my sister along, we had not seen each other for quite some time and I figured that there was nothing better for sibling bonding than sharing a good culinary experience.

Soi, which means street in Thai, is one of the few restaurants that celebrate Thai street food with a chic and modern twist. It also focuses on small plates, perfect pairing and features communal tables and enclosed spaces, each with its own terrace for additional privacy.

A serving of white rice, red beef curry and vegetable curry served with a side of egg fried rice. Photo/EUSTACE MAINA

The lighting was soft and our mood was quite high. We were beckoned into our reserved area and took our seats under the low light.

We kicked off with a few drinks as I settled for the Lemon Lychee cocktail; a combination of lemon, syrup, ice and vodka.

I also loved how they have a diverse selection of local and international wines, a lot of small producers that you would never find at any local store near you. Twenty minutes later, our food arrived and it was quite colourful.

The food was served in different bowls consisting of the green vegetable curry, the red beef thick curry and the coconut chicken curry. As for the rice, it came in three different bowls; vegetable rice, Thai fried rice and white rice.

I was more concerned as to how curry can be that colourful, especially the green vegetable curry. Well, I did not fall in love with the taste as it had a combination of tofu, green and red bell pepper, broccoli and some green curry.

Green curry is misunderstood in many places outside of Thailand, especially in Kenya as it is often perceived as a mild curry. It was however packed with flavour (which is the signature for most Thai food in my experience). The red beef curry on the other hand, which I paired with the egg-fried rice still lingers in my mind.

A combination of diced beef, yellow bell pepper, onions, carrots, garlic, ginger and a lot of red curries. It had the right amount of pepper and I loved every mouthful. For the egg fried rice, it was a bit salty but delicious and you will definitely feel the kick of the flavours, including the garlic and black pepper.

It was an all you can eat experience remember, but as the waiter came for the third time, I had already thrown in the towel. My mind kept reminding me that I have still have to go through the detox but my stomach was presenting a more enjoyable argument.

As for my sister, she went all out. She loved everything including the vegetable curry.  She was simply unstoppable. It was a superb night and for Sh1,800 it was both an affordable and filling experience.