The gossip that follows a house help’s exit

I take extra caution in knowing that it’s no one’s business what the people who live in my house do. I also know all too well that our country is community-focused and it is only Kenyan to be our neighbours’ keepers. However, whether you have a discretion contract or not, the people you entrust to manage your home hold the power to how much information your neighbours will have. “Aaah, Mama Pesh, you’ve done well to let that girl go,” they usually begin, with some pretending to be firmly on your side. I almost want to thwart them with a bathroom slipper for waiting this long to share their supposedly well-meant advice. However, curiosity gets the better of me and I find myself edging closer for this promising gossip juice.

There is always news about them

What surprises me more is how much outsiders know. It almost makes me feel stupid for thinking I have any privacy locked behind my doors. In their defence, they never want to interfere with my house proceedings while I host them. We then jump right into the gossip as I encourage them to knock themselves out and tell it all. It may surprise you, or not that it was through my neighbours that I found out that Vivian was three months pregnant when she left, through the same experts that I found out that Yvette fed her sister on my budget.

The silent watchers

It’s unfair to say that this only happens in my hood because I only meet with my neighbours when I’m hanging clothes, driving in and out of the parking lot and when we rub shoulders at the watchman’s gate. The most we talk about is matters such as security, which affects us directly, but that’s just about it! So to think that they know this much despite my minimal contact with them is somewhat scary. What’s worse is me, looking at them now, wondering how much they’re holding back as they patiently wait for my current DM to go.

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