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Seeing the light saved our marriage

To the world, Gerald Wagana Munga aka Circuit, was flying high as a flamboyant rapper, especially after his hit song Manyake. But behind the scenes, Circuit’s family was falling apart and he was battling unfaithfulness in marriage, drunkenness, masturbation, pornography, among other vices. His wife, Catherine Gathoni tells us more

Rapper Circuit and Jo-el took the music industry by storm years back when they released their lewd song Juala/Manyake. What was it all about?

The song, which was written in 2002 was about women and how they come in different sizes. But it also advocated for the use of protection, though it ruffled a lot of feathers. Many women got offended with the term manyake saying that it degraded them.

That was over 10 years ago. Now Circuit has turned over a new leaf.

He got born again in 2007. I got saved later. He spent the 10 years being grounded in the Word of God and walking with Him fully. He was also in the family’s real estate business. And after a long hiatus from music, he released two songs this year: Miracle and Big Money. He has also rebranded himself as Circuit Righteous. There is nothing else that gives him satisfaction nowadays other than glorifying God.

So, you met him before he saw the light?

(Laughs) Yes. We met in the year 2000 in Buruburu, Nairobi. It was love at first sight for both of us. I was from college, and he was heading to his brother’s place in Komarock, Nairobi, where I also resided. We eventually got married when he was still doing secular music.

Together Forever: Circuit and his wife Catherine Gathoni. Photo/Courtesy

How did the change happen?

We had a housegirl who was born again. So, this night Circuit came home drunk. We were all asleep.

So, he woke the housegirl and requested her to pray for him. He woke me up to witness that he had gotten saved. I never believed him and went back to sleep. I was like, ‘Why did you wake me up?’

So, how was it— him being born again, while you were not? You got saved five years later, right?

Life was great because he was a changed man. I could do whatever I wanted, insult and disrespect him, most of the times to test him. I never believed he was serious.

What drove you to get saved?

Circuit fasted for me so many times. I saw his commitment to the Lord. He would pray and weep for many hours, reading the Word of God too. I saw him stop drinking, smoking, watching porn and masturbating. He also stopped hanging out with the wrong people and never attended the gigs that never made sense. He actually blocked his life from the outside world to concentrate on Jesus. His preaching to me lead me to Christ as well five years ago.

With the rise of unfaithfulness in marriages, has your union sailed through this challenge? 

Before he committed his life to Christ, he was a drunkard and never cared about our then two children and me. He used to smoke, masturbate and watch porn. The unfaithfulness was two-way. But when we both became born again, we forgave each other and started life together afresh. Things have been great since then.

Circuit once, in an interview, said that he once contemplated suicide. How did he come out of it?

This was before salvation. It was during that period when we never used to see each other face to face. So, I never knew what was happening to him. But once he gave his life to Christ, he joined praise and worship in church. This pulled him out of depression.

How different is he now from who he was then?

He is more sensitive and compassionate. He supports and spoils me with love. I can tell he is in love with me passionately.

How do you support his work as his wife?

I pray for him and, most importantly I make sure that he’s smart before he leaves the house!

What are the challenges of being a celebrity’s wife?

Not getting enough time with him because of music and ministry, but I fully understand.

What should we expect as far as Circuit is concerned?

More music. Also he would be starting a church soon, plus other sweet surprises.

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