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Meet Kenyan model, Randy Gowon, leader on Milan’s Fashion Week

Kenyan model, Randy Gowon, has already conquered runways in Milan’s Fashion Week, Italy, and worked with some of the most-sought after international  fashion brands. He talks style with Alfayo Onyango

My big break came…early 2016. I had my first shoot with Kenyan fashion stylist, creative director and production designer Sunny Dolat, who scouted me. He was having an open call casting for one of his projects with The Nest Collective (a multidisciplinary Kenyan squad working with film, fashion, visual arts and music).

My most memorable fashion moment was…walking my first runway show in Italy. The show was a collaboration of the fearless and eminently non-conformist designer, Rick Owens and German shoe brand, Birkenstock.

I had never felt more proud of myself. Working with two of the biggest names in the fashion world for me was a realisation of how far I had come and knowing it was my moment to shine made it amazing.

I am currently represented by…two international agencies: RED Models in New York and I Love Models in Milan. Models can be signed by multiple agencies and in different countries.

The more agencies you sign with, the more markets you reach. However, you’re only allowed to have one mother agency/agent (the first agency you worked with when you kicked off your career/the scout that discovered you). 

I don’t have a favourite designer…however, I love Italian fashion icon Donatella Versace, British fashion designer and couturier Alexander McQueen, Cristóbal Balenciaga from Spain and Alessandro Dell’Acqua, he’s behind the high-end clothing label No. 21. Their work speaks for themselves.

If I wasn’t a model…I’d probably be a stylist. The whole thought process of coming up with content is just something I enjoy doing.

My best fashion buy…would have to be my Raf Simon’s oversized pants. I got them for a good deal and I can rock them in different ways. They always give an edgy look. I have two style icons…Adebayo Oke-Lawal and Sunny Dolat. I identify with their style a lot.

My go-to accessory is…this amazing leather neck piece I got from Kenyan-based designer Adele Dejak. I love the piece because it’s the boldest accessory I have. It stands out.

I feel whatever you wear…should make you feel great about yourself. I am obsessed with black pants and white sneakers and Converse. I own at least six pairs. I also stock up on white T-shirts; they always come through.

I am wearing…an Orange Culture shirt by a Nigerian designer, a green ASOS kimono, a black Zara cargo pants , a black Hermès belt and white McQueen sneakers.

I could live in…Milan. I got to interact with new and amazing people — they helped me become a better version of myself. Antwerp, Belgium, is another city I’d want to move to though it’s quite small. I enjoy being around creative minds. My signature scent is…Givenchy Play. It’s not too sweet and also not too masculine.

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