Autopsy reveals ‘hit man’ died by hanging, but…

Kinyuru Munuhe @kinyurumunuhe

Postmortem examination on the body of reported self-confessed hit man who implicated Garissa Governor Ali Korane confirmed that he died by hanging.

However, the mystery surrounding his death continued to deepen as investigators have still to determine whether the hanging was a case of suicide or murder inside the police cells.

Pathologists said although there were no defence marks on any part of the body, foul play cannot be ruled out until results of the toxicological tests are out.

“We can confirm that David died from a ligature to his neck that was a nylon lining of his jacket. We also found other evidence on his body that is in keeping with asphyxia or lack of oxygen and our conclusion is he died from compression to his neck from ligature and that is hanging,” lead pathologist Dr Sylvester Maingi said. 

“We have not concluded on the manner of death whether it was suicide or homicide. That is not our duty but that of investigators,” Maingi added.

Blood specimens and DNA samples were taken to Government Chemist for a broad based toxicological analysis. Toxicological tests will take up to a month before the results are made public.

Mwai is said to have confessed of shooting former Garissa County government Finance boss Idriss Mukhtar. Mukhtar’s family lawyer Charles Kanjama also said police established he was the second elimination target.

The probe being overseen by the Homicides department unit from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations headed by DCI George Kinoti has brought on board other line agencies including the civilian oversight body, the independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) Director of Public Prosecutions and lobby group against human rights atrocities IMLU.

Parklands Police Station, where the suspect was held in custody, is not involved in the investigation as it is a scene of crime.

Kanjama revealed that Mukhtar was pursuing two cases; compensation from his former employer for irregular dismissal from work and Garissa governor Ali Korane’s academic qualifications.

He is still recuperating at Nairobi Hospital with a bullet lodged in his head. His family and that of Kanjama have expressed fear that the probe has taken too long.

Korane, his brother Mohamed Korane and a woman are among six suspects questioned in connection with Mukhtar’s attempted murder.

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