Guard, 42, survives attack in coffee raid

A night guard is fighting for his life at Kerugoya County Referral Hospital after he was hacked with machetes by gangsters, who raided Mukengeria coffee factory.

The guard, identifiend as Simon Kibota, 42, suffered serious head injuries after the assailants attacked him before stealing farmers’ produce.

The about 20 robbers stormed the coffee factory at around 3am and rounded up all the guards and tied them together.

However, the guards raised the alarm attracting residents, who responded immediately and thwarted the planned theft. 

Speaking at his hospital bed, Kibota (pictured) said the gangsters knew their way around and even called the guards by their names. 

He said the thugs fled and boarded a lorry that was parked a few metres from the main road. 

Speaking at Ngomongo village, Central region commissioner Wilson Njega said investigations have started, adding that the factory management will be questioned over failure to get armed police to man the factory as per government instructions.

“Those who fail to request for armed police will be the first suspects,” he said, adding that the culprits would be brought to book.

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