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Kenya to sign peace pacts with four neighbours to end border conflicts

Kenya will soon sign comprehensive peace initiatives with Uganda, Ethiopia, Southern Sudan and Somalia to address perennial cross-border conflicts caused by cattle rustling and competition for pasture, water and other resources.

Devolution and Arid and Semi-Arid Lands Cabinet secretary Eugene Wamalwa says addressing the challenges facing the communities along the borders will help attract investment, reduce poverty and enhance cross-border trade.

“We are in discussions with our partners in the region on how to fast track the process of containing perennial community conflicts. The agreements we will sign in the next one year will help in encouraging economic activities,” said Wamalwa.

The CS cited recurrent conflicts between communities living at the Kenya-Uganda, Kenya-Ethiopia, Kenya-Somalia and Kenya-Southern Sudan borders.

Last week, Wamalwa hosted the Uganda-Kenya cross border peace initiative meeting at a Nairobi hotel.

He observed that  economies of the regions along the borders have been struggling as local communities spend most of their time fighting, thus discouraging cross-border trade and investment.

Uganda’s minister in charge of Karamoja Affairs John Byabagambi said the agreement will enhance integration within the region.