Probe ownership of Naivasha islands, lobbyists urge NLC

Two lobby groups have urged the National Land Commission (NLC) to investigate the ownership of three islands and crater lake around Lake Naivasha.

The Friends of Lake Naivasha and Lake Naivasha and Boat Owners Association claim Crescent, Lima and Yacht Club islands and Crater Lake have illegally been turned into private property.

The lobby groups want NLC to establish the circumstances under which the public resources were allocated to private individuals.

David Kilo of the boats association regretted that members of the public were barred from accessing the four facilities from which owners reportedly mint millions by charging foreign tourists.

“The owners of these islands are well known and we are asking the County and National governments to investigate how the resources were allocated,” he told journalists in Naivasha at the weekend.

“One of the islands hosts wild animals and even KWS officers cannot access it because it is heavily guarded,”he added.

Friends of Lake Naivasha chair Peter Muthui echoed the sentiments. “All over the world craters are owned by the State and we are wondering how the one in Naivasha was allocated to an individual,” he said.

The lobby groups decried that  the lake was under threat from all corners, saying farmers have “grabbed” riparian areas.

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