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It’s time for “Degree ni harambe!”

It is exam time and as usual, things are not the usual in campus! This is the time when peeps suddenly convert from the epitomes of impurity paragons of propriety! So, don’t be surprised when you see Instragram hoes on Facebook acting all saved and pious as if they were not posting twerk videos and nudies when the semester started! The temporary pretence will not wash away the sins neither will it change the fact that the only answer some of y’all knew on entire paper was; Write your name here.The peeps who all they did during the semester was to party and take pictures to brag online. Y’all will get more Instagram likes than the marks you will score the entire semester, but anyway, none of our business. *Sipping thafai

Good thing with exams in campo, they bring the lost souls on course with no remorse. The guys who had forgotten they are in a learning institution and they are supposed to be studying books. These are the guys who the only book they read during the semester is the phonebook, hunting who to ‘slay the town with’. So these peeps apparently, think anyone who was not part of their misadventures and sinning sprees have no lives. They castigate the nerds who are always hounded up in the library on Friday nights.

Tables have now turned. The nerds without lives are now more treasured than Candy Crush lives! These party animals are now lining up to borrow notes, not so that they can copy, but so that they can script mwakenyas! More intriguing is how they are pre-booking to sit next to the nerds who have a clue what is going on in the paper. Their greatest reprieve nowadays is that the lecturer does not alter the carefully crafted sitting arrangements, that enables these clueless guys to live by the mantra, “degree ni harambee”

As usual though, the devil is a liar. These sitting arrangements are being disrupted by lecturers! Worse even, sitting arrangements go according to plan, but the lecturer also decides to be part of the arrangements and stand strategically, upsetting the plans. Here is when you are allowed to look up for divine intervention, look forward for inspiration but look aside for information!

Well, all in all, the time for doom to some is here,while to others, it’s time for harvest. If all you did was to crow with instagram likes while others were digging into books, brace thineself for hard times oh ye sinful child, for there is a huge chance you might get marks lower than the percentage of alcohol in the drinks you were taking. Woe unto you if it was bee (read one per cent and below).