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Starting a side hustle without quitting your day job

Did you know that you can start a business without quitting your job? Any potential investors must deride themselves of the wrong notion that you must quit your day job and risk everything by abandoning your only source of income. Many entrepreneurs have taken the plunge and actually succeeded in business alongside their day jobs. You too can take the same dive and succeed.

Since it is common knowledge that many businesses close shop before their third birthday, if that were to happen to you, it would not only affect your livelihood. You would still be productive in the main hustle, and probably get another opportunity to try another side hustle.

If the hustle goes south again, try again, but when you think it is now successful, by all means, quit the shackled 8 to 5 work hoursand take it on full time.

Actually, a side hustle benefits a lot from your main job, the continuous experience you gain builds your ability to run a side job.

Working in big institutions, for example, will equip you with solid team playing skills that will come in handy when you start hiring for your side gig.

Most importantly, you could be less tempted to use your hustle money for personal needs. It won’t be easy to run two jobs simultaneously but it will be worth your while. Here are tips for keeping it together while shining in two different areas.

Schedule like a boss, follow it like an employee

Routine sucks! Human beings love spontaneity. But if you want to partake of both ventures successfully, you will have to embrace the dreaded routine. If you fail to curve a few hours for your side hustle in your schedule then your day job will take up all the time.

On a Sunday, probably after some down time with your family, you must plan for the coming week. It is not such a bad idea to accomplish most of your “employee” tasks the first few days of the week then concentrate on the hustle for the rest of the week. With the accountability which comes with a planned schedule, you will be shinning like a boss.

Focus! Focus! Focus!

Growing your side hustle while going to work every day requires a lot of organization, but most importantly, it requires you to focus. Jot down tasks that must be completed in the course of the week and prioritise them. Tick them off as you complete each task. Combine this with self discipline and you are on your way to success.

Remember the inspiration

As you work hard to hit your employee targets, you might be tempted to forget what inspired you to start your side hustle. It is therefore important to touch base with the main reason. Regularly ask yourself, “what made me start this thing?” Revisit the reason why you decided to follow your passion. If by any chance your hustle still doesn’t set fire to your soul, by all means, quit.

A hustle requires persistence and discipline that is why it is not for everyone. You will probably not get it right the first time around. Go easy on yourself, gather your thoughts again, learn, get more organised and get it done.

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