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Hard not to love Macha

The good thing about Machakos is approximately an hour’s drive away from Nairobi CBD. And so, on one Friday evening, two of my colleagues and I decided to go on a road trip to Machakos. We planned on staying at Gelian Hotel as we moved and explored the popular town located about 60 kilometres East of the capital.

We arrived at around 9pm that evening and were warmly welcomed into the hotel. Other hotel guests who were there for a conference were almost wrapping up with the buffet dinner, so we decided to join them before the buffet closed as the customer care desk filled out our details and checked us in. The food was great as Chef Matano outdid himself over and over again throughout the weekend.

We were then shown our respective rooms, where immediately after putting our bags embarked on a spot of exploring. We explored the presidential suite with a sit-in lounge and a large beautiful tub. We could not afford it, but we could only afford a single for Sh6,500 and a double for Sh8,000 which was good enough. We then proceeded to the watering hole.

Most hotels have bars for their resident guests, but these bars normally tend to be quiet places where music cannot be played loudly so as not to disturb the guests. Fortunately for us, Club Euphoria, which is in the basement floor of the hotel, was lively as ever.

It is sound proofed so as not to disturb guests. Their drink menu was extensive and we learned the club has theme nights including karaoke nights on Wednesdays. I used to sing in our church choir and highly interested in trying out my singing skills at every opportunity, hence my avid interest in karaoke. We partied till around 2am then took the elevator to our rooms.

We had to wake up less than two hours later so as to catch the sunrise over Kathiani hills. It was dark, it was cold, we were half inebriated and half sobered up by the cold, but the sight was magical.

As we sat alone on the rooftop bar conversing in low tones, we did not only connected with each other, but we also felt connected to nature. There is something life affirming about sunrises that makes me so excited about life. It is a spiritual experience; a testament that no matter how dark or bright your yesterday was, it could still get better.

Once the orange and yellowish hues morphed into the cloudy blue skies above Chumvi, Kathiani and Kiima Kimwe hills, we raced back to bed where we spent the better half of the day. We would wake up to hit the gym then the spa, have a swim then grab a pizza and dessert at the Crème Brulee Café on the ground floor, before bidding Gelian goodbye.

We were all sad to leave, but we will all be back soon. After all, we have loyalty cards that guarantee us a 10 percent discount on our next visit. Till next time, adios Machakos!

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