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Kamariny Stadium not ready for use, county officials say

Emmanuel Masinde @PeopleSport11

Kamariny Stadium in Elgeyo Marakwet County will not be ready for use as yet.The facility, which is currently undergoing renovations, has been an important item for runners in the athletics talent-rich county that has produced some of the best runners in the country over the years.

The CEC in charge of sports for the county Anita Kimatwan said at the weekend the athletes who use the stadium that is currently under construction will have to wait longer.

Kimwatan said the competition of the facility has a long way to go as the county and national government catch up with remaining works.

Kamariny is a renowned training grounds having been the facility that helped hone the talents of some of the best long-distance running athletes. Kimwatan at the same time said they are developing another 40 such facilities in the county to enhance sports development in the grass roots.

“Kamariny Stadium is an iconic facility and we are working with national government through Sports Kenya who are funding and upgrading the facility to international standards for a cost of Sh287 million,” said Kimwatan.

“The work commenced in January 2017, which was to take six months, since it was to be completed in August last year but due to challenges faced by the national government, which they did not share with us. It was not complete by August so they extended the contract for more one year and we are actually trying to push them to complete it,” said Kimwatan.

She added that in 2014, the county allocated funds for the construction of changing rooms and pavilion. From the initial cost of Sh99 million allocated, but the budget was reduced to Sh56 million.

“We constructed the pavilion with Sh46m and the remaining money was used to build the changing rooms, oofing and finishing has not been done we have paid about Sh33m to the contractor,” said Kimwatan.

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