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Six county staff sent home over cash loss

Winstone Chiseremi @Wchiseremi

Elgeyo Marakwet Public Service Board has fired six employees in connection with the alleged loss of Sh800 million.

Board chairman Michael Lelit confirmed dismissal of the affected workers after they were found guilty of altering the county government records in the Finance department that led to the loss of the money.

He said the decision to sack them was arrived at after  investigations into the conduct of the workers alongside two other non-staff facing fraud-related cases.

“The officers appeared before the board’s investigations and disciplinary committee last month and due process was followed before the verdict was delivered,” said Lelit.

He said the most affected with fraud-related cases was revenue collection department where dishonest employees were falsifying documents to deny the county government the much needed revenue.

The chairman cited an incident where an officer who was in charge of cess collection issued a receipt to a vehicle at a revenue collection point and falsified the same document in which he also reissued to another vehicle defrauding the county of Sh800.

“This form of corruption seemed to have been thriving in the revenue collection department. This is against Chapter 6 of the Constitution and the officers were forewarned about this when they were hired,” said the chairman.